Graduate List

D - G

1955 Last Name Current Full Name Div# Elementary School State Status
D'Alessandro John P. D'Alessandro 403 IL Deceased 1/27/2005
Damalas Nick J. Damalas 424 Young IL Active
Daniel Regina [Daniel] Katz 460 Sumner IL Active
Danna Phillip A. Danna 413 IL Active
Dattomo Mary C. [Dattomo] Lyons 402 Ryerson LA Active
Davies Gwendolyn L. [Davies] Urban 452 Bryant IL Deceased 2/27/2005
Davis Dagmara L. Davis 403 Not Located
Davis Nancy A. [Davis] Sandquist 452 Byford IL Deceased 3/20/2013
Dayton James A. Dayton 413 St Lucy OH Active
DeBella Emma A. DeBella 455 Ryerson Not Located
DeCaro Peter M. DeCaro 421 CA Active
DeCicco Leonard DeCicco 424 NY Addr Unknown
DeGrado Betty A. [DeGrado] Milligan 404 Cameron IL Active
DeLaurentis Delores F. DeLaurentis 454 Not Located
DeLegge Bert R. DeLegge 405 Sumner IL Deceased 2/26/2015
DeLinde Marjorie A. DeLinde 453 Byford Not Located
Dell'Aquila Frederick F. Dell'Aquila 410 IL Active
DeMaio Mary Ann [DeMaio] Williams 404 Irving IL Active
DeRango Barney A. DeRango 404 IL Active
DeRosa Joseph D. DeRosa 413 McLaren IL Active
DeSalvo Salvatore P. DeSalvo 455 Hay IL Active
Deutsch Norman B. Deutsch 451 Young IL Addr Unknown
Diamond Harvey Diamond 459 Mason IL Active
DiCanio William C. DiCanio 454 Ryerson IL Active
Dobrzynski Victoria V. [Dobrzynski] Petersen 404 Cameron IL Active
Doepp Eleanor A. [Doepp] Jenkins 460 Nash MO Deceased 10/20/2004
Domarad Vincent L. Domarad 462 Chopin Addr Unknown
Donatello Frank A. Donatello 404 Ericson IL Deceased 2/3/2011
Donohoe Francis W. Donohoe 460 Howe IL Active
Dorman Dale E. Dorman 410 St Paul Lutheran IL Active
Dorn Clifford R. Dorn 405 IL Active
Doty Charles B. Doty 421 Howe IL Active
Douglas Marie A. [Douglas] Burkman 424 Byford MN Active
Dravillas George S. Dravillas 451 Young IL Deceased 3/25/2005
Ducar Garrett J. Ducar 423 Tilton IA Inactive
Dugan Edward F. Dugan 412 St Thomas Aquinas Not Located
Duke Mary J. Duke 452 Spencer Inactive
Durso Ronald E. Durso 452 IL Active
Duszski Loretta A. Duszski 423 Not Located
Dwarkin Martin L. Dwarkin 453 Emmet MD Deceased 4/18/2008
Economides Ethel Economides 418 May Deceased by 2006
Edwards Joshua M. Edwards 455 IL Active
Ehredt Shyla R. Ehredt 408 Nash OK Deceased 12/20/2016
Eisenberger Ruth S. [Eisenberger] Ruther 409 Emmet CA Active
Eisenhuth Nancy J. Eisenhuth 451 Not Located
Elia Anthony Elia 462 Not Located
Ellman Joanne P. Ellman 413 Not Located
Ellman Lorraine B. Ellman 412 Not Located
Emerson Shirley M. Emerson 404 Beidler Not Located
Engel MariLea V. Engel 404 Not Located
Engler Lois J. [Engler] Storto 461 FL Deceased 8/15/2012
Engstrom Robert P. Engstrom 421 Lovett IL Deceased 11/13/2008
Erdmann Geraldine M. [Erdmann] O'Rourke 405 Ryerson WA Active
Erhardt Ronald H. Erhardt 424 Sumner AZ Active
Escalante Mary Lou E. [Escalante] Smith 406 May IL Inactive
Esposito Mary B. Esposito 406 St Mels CA Active
Evans Elaine J. [Evans] Miller 410 May IL Active
Evans Janice M. [Evans] Stuba 462 Nobel IL Active
Ewald David L. Ewald 405 Nobel IL Deceased 4/2/2007
Fairley Richard M. Fairley 408 Howe FL Active
Falduto Barbara A. Falduto 455 Cameron Deceased by 1986
Falkowski John M. Falkowski 404 IL Deceased 5/2017
Falstein Benita G. [Falstein] Sindler 412 Delano FL Active
Farmilant Marion B. [Farmilant] Carroll 423 IL Inactive
Farrell Leonard F. Farrell 421 Nobel IL Active
Fascia John L. Fascia 460 Lawson IL Active
Feinberg Michael B. Feinberg 466 Mason IL Active
Feinman Sandra E. [Feinman] Goldstein 407 Emmet IL Active
Feld Jean Feld 453 Deceased by 1986
Feldgreber Barbara S. [Feldgreber] Wilensky 406 IL Active
Ferguson Dorothy M. Ferguson 424 Hay Not Located
Ferrari Susanne M. [Ferrari] Block 413 Ryerson IL Active
Fiarito Frank R. Fiarito 420 Nash IL Deceased 12/29/2012
Field Bette F. Field 423 OH Not Located
Finaldi Ottavio Finaldi 413 May FL Active
Fine Leonard Fine 453 IL Addr Unknown
Fioramonti Marietta A. [Fioramonti] Raymond 404 Chopin AZ Active
Fiorito Camille M. [Fiorito] Steber 409 IL Deceased 12/13/2003
Fischel Myrna L. [Fischel] Lovi 460 Emmet IL Addr Unknown
Fischer Randall K. Fischer 462 Nobel TX Active
Fischer Robert E. Fischer 423 IL Deceased 11/23/2007
Fishman Marilyn S. [Fishman] Wagner 453 IL Active
Fjortoft Ruth E. [Fjortoft] Saksvig 403 Emmet WI Deceased 4/30/1991
Fleming Hugh R. Fleming 423 IL Deceased 11/2/2014
Fogel Eileen L. [Fogel] Glatt 412 Bryant ID Active
Fojtik Anthony I. Fojtik 455 St Lucy IL Deceased 4/2/2018
Foreman Ronald L. Foreman 460 Byford IL Deceased 4/16/2017
Fosha Albert P. Fosha 423 St Catherine FL Deceased 12/19/2019
France Robert G. France 404 IL Deceased 2/27/1992
Francone Ambrose J. Francone 423 IL Addr Unknown
Frank Penny G. [Frank] Mosher 452 Orr IL Active
Frejlach Ervin M. Frejlach 407 Nash IL Active
Fumarolo Arthur A. Fumarolo 461 Riis IL Active
Furst Beverly J. [Furst] Horton 452 Byford MI Active
Galizia Lucia I. [Galizia] Sacco 413 IL Deceased 10/7/2006
Garagosian Violet N. [Garagosian] Semirdjian 408 IL Active
Geary JoanMarie T. [Geary] Ambrose 421 St Cyril & Methodius Not Located
Gelman Lois R. [Gelman] Binder 452 IL Deceased 1/29/1994
Gelsomino John P. Gelsomino 451 Howe IL Deceased 6/14/2009
Georgulis Helen A. [Georgulis] Tsaggaris 452 Emmet IL Active
Gestrin Phyllis J. Gestrin 404 Emmet DC Active
Geyer Warren H. Geyer 420 Howe IL Deceased 8/11/2008
Gianakopoulos James G. Gianakopoulos 451 IL Deceased 1992
Gibbons Ronald E. Gibbons 413 King CA Active
Gibbs Helen J. Gibbs 421 Not Located
Gilbert Roberta L. [Gilbert] Topel 421 IL Deceased 9/20/2010
Gillison Kathryn [Gillison] Davis 404 Not Located
Ginsberg Alvin Ginsberg 402 Hebrew Parochial School FL Active
Giorno Barbara A. Giorno 461 Not Located
Giuffre Patricia A. [Giuffre] Peterson 409 Cameron IL Active
Glans Joan D. [Glans] Lindberg 452 Byford CA Addr Unknown
Glassner Winifred N. [Glassner] Weisman 423 IL Inactive
Glick Marvin H. Glick 451 Emmet IL Deceased 2/28/2020
Glickman Gloria D. Glickman 409 IL Deceased 7/1981
Glover Sherry L. [Glover] Livingston 406 IL Active
Gnippe Sandra J. Gnippe 452 Tilton IL Active
Goldberg Arlene P. Goldberg 424 Not Located
Goldberg Doris H. [Goldberg] Cole 460 CA Deceased 3/13/2002
Goldberg Muriel [Goldberg] Stillinger 421 Deceased 12/12/2010
Golden Iris Golden 452 Bryant CA Active
Goldsmith Joel H. Goldsmith 410 Bryant IL Active
Goldstein Barbara I. [Goldstein] Levin 459 Spencer IL Deceased 8/21/2005
Goldwater Seymour Goldwater 453 IL Active
Goodman Leah [Goodman] Moss 426 IL Active
Goodwine Paul O. Goodwine 406 Not Located
Gooze Edwin J. Gooze 405 CA Addr Unknown
Gorbatkin Barbara [Gorbatkin] Lasky 418 Not Located
Gotskind David L. Gotskind 405 Emmet IL Active
Grad Carole [Grad] Major 402 FL Active
Grandsard Carolyn [Grandsard] Wolf 421 Key IL Deceased 7/15/2007
Granger Patricia L. [Granger] Sullivan 459 Howe Not Located
Grasso Rose M. Grasso 461 Spencer Not Located
Gratt Janice S. [Gratt] Daa 408 Emmet IL Active
Gravagno Enrico J. Gravagno 404 Nobel CA Deceased 6/25/1993
Grebel 412 Young IL Active
Green Barbara P. [Green] Pales 452 Emmet FL Active
Greenberg David J. Greenberg 426 Emmet IL Active
Greene Gerald G. Greene 409 FL Deceased 11/3/2008
Greenfield Carolyn [Greenfield] Thurman 424 Orr IL Active
Griess Raymond E. Griess 461 IL Deceased 4/12/2005
Gromoshak Kathleen J. [Gromoshak] Lucansky 404 Nobel FL Active
Groobman Eugene N. Groobman 451 Bryant FL Active
Grossman Phillip Grossman 454 Mason IL Active
Guenther Neal C. Guenther 451 May IL Deceased 3/6/2018
Guglielmi Diane M. [Guglielmi] Sementa 461 Morse IL Deceased 2/9/2010
Gundersen Shirley L. [Gundersen] Seiler 424 Nobel IL Active
Gunter Carol A. Gunter 461 Spencer Not Located
Gurney Donald P. Gurney 421 Nash SC Active
Gutierrez Fernando Gutierrez 408 Not Located
Gwozdz Ronald S. Gwozdz 413 St Francis of Assisi IL Active



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