Graduate List

H - K

1955 Last Name Current Full Name Div# Elementary School State Status
Haase Louis P. Haase 405 Spencer IL Deceased 7/4/2016
Hagemeyer Nancy D. [Hagemeyer] Gall 452 Byford IL Deceased 1/12/2012
Hagstrom Roy E. Hagstrom 421 Byford MN Active
Hall Caroline N. [Hall] Misiuda 460 Irving AZ Active
Hall Denise R. Hall 410 Lovett Not Located
Hall Donald S. Hall 423 Key MI Active
Hall John C. Hall 406 Byford KS Deceased 3/18/2013
Halperin Joyce M. [Halperin] Cohn 408 Bryant IL Active
Ham Daphne S. Ham 452 Beidler IL Deceased 7/1988
Handy Mildred E. [Handy] O'Brien 453 LaFayette IL Active
Handzel Edward Handzel 426 Orr IL Active
Harger Virginia M. [Harger] Bachner 462 Lewis MI Addr Unknown
Harness John P. Harness 453 Tilton IL Inactive
Harris Frances J. [Harris] Fischer 424 IL Addr Unknown
Harris Geraldine J. [Harris] Horak 462 Mason IL Deceased 12/7/2017
Hartley Donna M. [Hartley] Johnsen 405 St Paul Lutheran IL Active
Hartmann Patricia A. [Hartmann] Murray 453 Spencer IL Active
Haslam Robert R. Haslam 405 Howe IL Active
Hasselmann Marcia M. [Hasselmann] Murphy 459 Nash IL Active
Haug Elsie [Haug] Sorensen 407 Young IL Active
Haywood Jocelyn N. [Haywood] Pritchard 452 Howe IL Deceased 10/26/2016
Hedlund Robert L. Hedlund 413 Tilton IL Active
Heiland Patricia M. [Heiland] Wise 453 Lovett OH Active
Heitzman Donald R. Heitzman 420 Young IL Active
Helfer Samuel Helfer 451 IL Deceased 12/21/2009
Helledy David B. Helledy 471 Lewis CA Deceased 9/19/2018
Hellyer Marilyn J. [Hellyer] Morrison 406 Greene WV Active
Henderson Diane P. Henderson 402 Nobel AZ Deceased 2/20/2015
Hentz Dolores L. Hentz 403 Not Located
Herbst Robert W. Herbst 460 Howe IA Active
Hering Carolyn A. [Hering] Atchison 409 Hay FL Active
Herrero James D. Herrero 405 Tilton IL Active
Hill Lorraine A. [Hill] Ray 405 Covington in Oak Lawn IL Deceased 12/28/2017
Hoag Karen E. [Hoag] Rish/Risk 460 CA Inactive
Hoffenberg Berle D. [Hoffenberg] Goldblatt 421 Emmet IL Addr Unknown
Hoffing Eva Hoffing 412 Emmet Deceased about 1995
Hoffmann Raymond W. Hoffmann 455 Ryerson IL Active
Hogan Edward D. Hogan 459 Nash KS Addr Unknown
Holman Richard H. Holman 453 Young IL Active
Homola Ronald S. Homola 455 IL Active
Horn Stanley J. Horn 405 Delano IL Deceased 11/6/2018
Horwitz Gail J. [Horwitz] Goldfarb 454 Emmet MA Active
Horwitz Lois [Horwitz] Silverman 409 Sumner IL Active
Howell Randall L. Howell 402 Not Located
Huff Deloris J. Huff 408 Not Located
Huffman Mary J. [Huffman] Olson 407 IL Active
Hugo Franz Hugo 452 CA Deceased 4/13/1990
Hurwitz Cecelia M. Hurwitz 452 Not Located
Huseman James R. Huseman 407 Resurrection AZ Active
Iacono Thomas Iacono 460 Morse AZ Active
Imbordino Robert Imbordino 405 IL Addr Unknown
Infelise Gaetano J. Infelise 460 Not Located
Ippolito Concetta M. [Ippolito] Fiasche 459 IL Deceased 1/2019
Ivaska Edward I. Ivaska 461 Orr IL Deceased 6/15/1994
Iverson Eileen N. [Iverson] Aasen 402 Byford IL Deceased 11/25/2018
Jackson Sally Jackson 408 Not Located
Jacobson Martin Jacobson 405 Emmet IL Active
Jacobson Robert B. Jacobson 402 Not Located
Jaconetti Gloria M. [Jaconetti] Collela 460 Orr IL Active
Jaffee Maxine J. Jaffee 421 Delano IL Active
James Marlene A. [James] Nelson 453 Byford IL Addr Unknown
Janovics Andrew G. Janovics 407 Gregory IL Deceased 7/1/2013
Jansen Diane S. [Jansen] Kramer 410 Hay NM Active
Jaques Barbara D. [Jaques] Mack 408 Spencer IL Deceased 4/2014
Jastromb Ellen R. [Jastromb] Winstin 459 Emmet IL Active
Jehlik Lawrence V. Jehlik 424 St Peter Canisius MN Deceased 1/24/2009
Jensen Gail R. [Jensen] Amen 459 Nash IL Deceased 4/18/2007
Jensen Sigrid A. [Jensen] Benson 451 Byford IL Deceased 7/3/2011
Jess Frank A. Jess 462 Delano Deceased 7/1967
Jezierski Arthur A. Jezierski 424 IL Deceased 10/26/1997
Johnsen Joan E. Johnsen 454 Not Located
Johnson Dale A. Johnson 407 Nobel IL Addr Unknown
Johnson Geraldine K. Johnson 409 Nash Not Located
Johnson Suzanne I. [Johnson] Peterson 405 Nash IL Active
Jowers Wanda S. [Jowers] Robb 421 Delano TN Active
Joyce Lois M. Joyce 405 Clark IL Active
Juliano MaryAnn Juliano 413 Clark Not Located
Kachmarik Lydia [Kachmarik] Miller 460 Orr IL Deceased 7/20/2011
Kachoyeanos George Kachoyeanos 406 Orr IL Addr Unknown
Kain Richard A. Kain 462 Hay CA Active
Kallas Nicholas N. Kallas 454 Howe IL Active
Kallhauge Dolores E. [Kallhauge] McCarthy 407 IL Deceased 3/2/2001
Kapica Anthony S. Kapica 426 Nobel IL Deceased 12/12/2016
Kaplan Myrna E. [Kaplan] Cloch 408 IL Deceased 10/28/2003
Kaplan Phyllis L. [Kaplan] Baren 407 Emerson in Maywood IL Active
Kappos Harry G. Kappos 454 Columbus IL Active
Karas Peter G. Karas 418 Delano IL Deceased 6/15/1992
Karger Evelyn I. [Karger] Lyons 412 Spencer TX Active
Karn Fern E. [Karn] Katz 408 Sumner FL Active
Kass Joel T. Kass 405 May CA Active
Katritses Goldie A. [Katritses] Koutsoukos 424 Riis IL Inactive
Katz Harriet J. [Katz] Ross 459 Penn MO Active
Katz Joyce V. [Katz] Zandberg 459 Emmet IL Active
Kaufman Louis G. Kaufman 421 Lewis NY Active
Kaufmann Helen L. [Kaufmann] Skie-Anderson 461 Nash AZ Active
Kay Donna J. [Kay] Lanciotti 452 Locke IL Deceased about 2017
Kazas Constance K. [Kazas] Kotsios 407 Gregory NV Addr Unknown
Kazluski Norman K. Kazluski 423 Our Lady Help of Christians IL Deceased 12/25/2016
Keating Dennis C. Keating 413 St Lucy IL Deceased 3/12/2020
Kelly Peggy A. [Kelly] Skarnulis 423 Spencer TX Active
Kennedy Arlene M. [Kennedy] Brown 452 Byford IL Deceased 2/20/2013
Kennedy Barbara Kennedy 408 Lewis Not Located
Kennelly John J. Kennelly 418 Howe IL Active
Kent Carol A. Kent 418 Spencer Deceased 11/28/1991
Kenyeri Lillian T. Kenyeri 405 Emmet IL Deceased 11/10/2011
Kenyeri Ronald F. Kenyeri 403 Emmet IL Active
Kerns Lois A. Kerns 420 Nash Not Located
Kersten Millis M. [Kersten] Gross 404 IL Active
Kezios Constance L. [Kezios] Kasson 409 Emmet IL Deceased 1/14/2011
Klein Joel S. Klein 454 May IL Deceased 11/5/2007
Klein Marilyn J. [Klein] Lawrence 459 Orr IL Deceased 2/14/2019
Knuth Donald C. Knuth 426 Orr IL Active
Knuth George E. Knuth 424 Young IL Active
Koch Doris M. Koch 410 Nobel Not Located
Koehler Helen M. Koehler 410 Deceased 11/14/2009
Koehler James H. Koehler 412 Young IL Deceased 3/18/2003
Kolof Natalie S. [Kolof] Nank 453 NV Deceased 3/15/2009
Konvalinka Maryln P. [Konvalinka] Homan 426 Our Lady Help of Christians IL Active
Korcek Frank M. Korcek 409 IL Deceased 8/1984
Kough Louise M. Kough 410 Not Located
Kountreles Alice [Kountreles] Kleanthis 403 IL Active
Kout Gene Kout 453 Emmet OR Deceased 9/12/2019
Koutselas Nicholas J. Koutselas 454 Sumner FL Inactive
Kouvalis Alexander l. Kouvalis 408 IL Deceased 10/2011
Kouzios James P. Kouzios 461 IL Deceased 6/13/1995
Kowsky Jay L. Kowsky 454 Young WI Addr Unknown
Koziol Genevieve A. [Koziol] Graas 418 IL Deceased 2/19/2011
Krantz Ann B. [Krantz] Sproat 451 Nash IL Active
Kraus Donald M. Kraus 459 May Not Located
Krebs Judith B. Krebs 452 Lewis Deceased by 2006
Kressman Charlene E. [Kressman] Short 402 St Paul Lutheran IL Deceased about 2014
Kruse Robert C. Kruse 459 Howe IL Addr Unknown
Kull Nancy I. Kull 403 Emmet Deceased by 2006
Kuzlik Sandra L. Kuzlik 404 Spencer IL Active



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