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1955 Last Name Current Full Name Div# Elementary School State Status
Sachs Marcia S. [Sachs] Stein 460 Emmet IL Deceased 4/21/1999
Sachs William M. Sachs 461 Byford IL Deceased 12/20/2007
Sadler Marilyn J. [Sadler] Krelle 409 St Matthew IL Active
Salenger Donald Salenger 453 Emmet IL Active
Sampras Soterios Sampras 405 CA Active
Sarocco Dolores T. Sarocco 424 St Francis in Cicero IL Active
Savas Alexander D. Savas 426 Hay IL Deceased 2/18/2001
Scalzitti Arlene Scalzitti 418 Not Located
Schaeffer Fred Schaeffer 407 Emmet WI Addr Unknown
Schafer Gerald D. Schafer 426 Nash IL Deceased 3/15/2003
Scherdin Alice J. [Scherdin] Feicht 410 Byford AK Deceased 12/21/2012
Schmidt Jacquelyn A. [Schmidt] Caccamo 420 Our Lady Help of Christians IL Active
Schneider George H. Schneider 461 Young FL Addr Unknown
Schneider Lou A. Schneider 421 Nobel Not Located
Schretter Doris F. [Schretter] Stachon 410 St Peter Canisius CA Active
Schroeder Dora E. [Schroeder] Kuzelka 402 Funston IL Active
Schulman Robert Schulman 453 Emmet KS Deceased 6/11/2019
Schultz Marlene R. [Schultz] Gelfond 412 Delano IL Deceased 12/14/2019
Schwartz Tom C. Schwartz 410 Not Located
Schwilk Donald W. Schwilk 412 Not Located
Sculles Anthony J. Sculles 402 May FL Deceased 4/2016
Segal Roberta S. [Segal] Karmel Harrison 452 Emmet NY Active
Segreti Patricia S. Segreti 413 May Not Located
Seidelmann Barbara M. Seidelmann 426 Nobel Deceased 3/16/1997
Sengpiehl Paul M. Sengpiehl 402 Litchfield Jr. Hi. IL IL Active
Serota Dianne E. [Serota] Kraus 403 IL Active
Serrecchia Arlene F. Serrecchia 455 IL Active
Shane Roberta H. [Shane] Atlas 407 Emmet OH Active
Shapiro Beryl A. Shapiro 403 Not Located
Shapiro Francine C. Shapiro 407 Not Located
Shawala Joyce A. [Shawala] Raygor 406 Orr IL Active
Sheim Eugene A. Sheim 460 IL Deceased 10/29/2002
Shepard Lois J. [Shepard] Schaedel 409 WI Active
Shuman Charles Shuman 412 Bryant IL Deceased 9/28/2002
Siavelis William P. Siavelis 426 Lewis IL Active
Siciliano Angelo A. Siciliano 426 Lewis AZ Active
Sigale Leslie P. Sigale 418 Penn FL Active
Sigiols Mary [Sigiols] Diamond 455 IL Inactive
Silver Burton E. Silver 461 Gregory IL Active
Silverman Alan F. Silverman 461 May FL Deceased 4/24/2000
Simon George R. Simon 423 Tilton Deceased 2/1972
Simon Patricia B. [Simon] Roth 407 Spencer IL Deceased 4/7/2020
Simons Beverly J. [Simons] Bednarski 410 Nash IL Active
Simpson Lewis E. Simpson 462 Tilton Deceased by 1986
Simpson Murray L. Simpson 402 Emmet CA Active
Sindler Ronald L. Sindler 462 Delano FL Active
Siragusa Anthony F. Siragusa 452 IL Deceased 12/24/2011
Sitaras Androniki J. [Sitaras] DeMet 426 Emmet IL Active
Skow Robert A. Skow 426 Young AZ Addr Unknown
Skowbo Shirley L. [Skowbo] Gundersen 408 Lewis WI Deceased 11/8/2005
Sloan Sherwin H. Sloan 403 CA Deceased 5/31/2010
Small William S. Small 418 CA Active
Smith Barbara L. Smith 420 Cameron IN Deceased 5/8/2000
Smith Loretta L. [Smith] Wittusen 410 Lewis VA Active
Smith Margaret J. [Smith] Hayburn 410 Young IL Inactive
Smith Patricia A. [Smith] Snead 409 Young IL Active
Smith Peter M. Smith 410 IL Deceased 8/2/1995
Snell Robert L. Snell 462 Tilton IL Active
Sorgatz Jean E. [Sorgatz] Melton 406 CA Inactive
Speck Toby [Speck] Gordon 459 Mason IL Active
Spero Patricia A. [Spero] Gozzola 406 Our Lady Help of Christians CO Active
Sperring Marjorie D. Sperring 406 Lewis Not Located
Spiezia Lucille A. [Spiezia] Tricarico 420 Cameron IL Active
Spilky Marcia I. [Spilky] Cohen 454 Emmet FL Active
Spinello John O. Spinello 424 Orr IL Active
Spiwak Herbert W. Spiwak 452 Gregory IL Active
Stackpole Sandra K. [Stackpole] Kirchhoff 460 Tilton IL Active
Staiger Marilyn J. [Staiger] Jones 451 Young MI Deceased 3/23/1995
Starczowski Carole L. Starczowski 461 Not Located
Stefl Robert E. Stefl 426 Howe IL Active
Stein Marilyn Stein 404 Not Located
Stejskal Joseph R. Stejskal 418 IL Deceased 2/1982
Stentz Mary A. [Stentz] Kaiser 420 Howe MI Inactive
Stephens Adrienne K. [Stephens] Bensen 454 Orr IL Active
Stepp Hazel L. Stepp 420 Not Located
Stevens Carolyn E. [Stevens] Heino 418 CA Active
Stone Myron L. Stone 459 Lewis CA Deceased 2/27/2020
Stonehocker Raymond A. Stonehocker 461 Tilton IL Active
Stramaglia Michael F. Stramaglia 451 FL Active
Strohl John H. Strohl 410 Howe Deceased 9/24/2000
Stroner Charlotte R. [Stroner] DeVerteuil 405 Wisc? FL Inactive
Sullivan John F. Sullivan 408 St Thomas Aquinas Not Located
Swanson Barbara M. [Swanson] Foreman 406 Hay IL Active
Swanson Carolyn M. [Swanson] Geeding 459 Nash IL Active
Swanson David E. Swanson 421 St Paul Lutheran TN Active
Sweet Frances E. [Sweet] Krapf 423 Tilton IL Addr Unknown
Swirczinski Laverne M. [Swirczinski] Kempf 408 Nash SC Active
Tallant June K. [Tallant] Weiss 426 Hay IL Deceased 1/21/1999
Tamney John E. Tamney 426 St Peter Canisius CA Active
Tantaro Prudy M. [Tantaro] Mazzei 424 Our Lady of the Angels IL Active
Tarullo Angelo W. Tarullo 413 IL Active
Teitelbaum Seymour Teitelbaum 459 Penn IL Active
Ternand Jane A. [Ternand] Dervis 426 St Paul Lutheran IL Deceased 4/1986
Todd Kenneth E. Todd 421 Hay IL Deceased 2/28/2011
Tomasko Gerald A. Tomasko 403 Lewis OK Deceased 10/25/2015
Tosto Concetta [Tosto] Fumarolo 455 Calhoun IL Active
Trais Stuart A. Trais 409 Sumner IL Active
Trefonos Peter C. Trefonos 426 IL Active
Trentadue Peter A. Trentadue 461 Otis IL Deceased 3/20/2012
Treslo Gus H. Treslo 412 Morse IL Active
Triolo Angeline M. [Triolo] Jehlik 424 Our Lady of the Angels MN Active
Tzakis George J. Tzakis 402 Spencer IL Active
Uhlir Sally L. Uhlir 407 Key CA Active
Vail James L. Vail 426 Irving in Maywood AZ Active
Vanoucek Edwin G. [Vanoucek] Vann 410 Emmet MI Deceased 10/28/2005
Varellas Jean Varellas 421 Delano Deceased by 1986
Vatta Anna [Vatta] Smith 405 IL Deceased 7/15/2011
Vincenzo Camille C. Vincenzo 424 Not Located
Vitale Anthony J. Vitale 413 Sumner IL Active
Vitulli Michael R. Vitulli 421 IL Active
Vlahos George P. Vlahos 454 IL Addr Unknown
Voegtle Nancy L. [Voegtle] Reed 423 Young MN Active
Voige Kenneth R. Voige 455 Orr GA Active
Vuillemot George D. Vuillemot 453 Emmet MI Deceased 1/1/2019
Wajs Alice M. Wajs 421 St Francis of Assisi Not Located
Wall Rochelle M. [Wall] Buck 426 May IL Addr Unknown
Walsh Donna R. Walsh 462 Tilton CA Addr Unknown
Warras Joan J. Warras 421 St Francis of Assisi Not Located
Warshawsky Ira S. Warshawsky 409 Emmet IL Deceased 12/2013
Warshawsky Phyllis [Warshawsky] Tannebaum 412 IL Deceased 11/17/2017
Warshawsky Ted S. Warshawsky 412 Emmet IL Deceased 11/28/2009
Weber Louis Z. Weber 454 Penn IL Active
Weihofen Lois A. [Weihofen] Cube 453 Spencer IL Deceased 12/15/1987
Weinberg Ben B. Weinberg 407 May NV Active
Weinberg Elaine [Weinberg] Achler 460 FL Deceased 2003
Weiner Sheldon S. Weiner 451 May IL Deceased 12/30/2000
Weiss Ronald H. Weiss 454 Lewis IL Active
Weissman Bennett M. Weissman 402 Emmet TX Active
Westergren Janet A. [Westergren] Johnson 407 Nash CA Active
Wetherall Daniel E. Wetherall 410 AK Addr Unknown
White Marilyn A. [White] Rosenthal 402 Israel Active
Wiczer Bernie Wiczer 412 IL Active
Wiebold Geraldine J. Wiebold 407 Not Located
Wight Diane H. Wight 451 Byford Not Located
Wilens Hinda H. [Wilens] Shamberg 407 Emmet IL Deceased 5/9/2016
Wilens Larry L. Wilens 459 Emmet CA Active
Williams Shirley I. [Williams] Klug 406 May SC Active
Williams Silvey S. [Williams] Cameron 426 CA Active
Williams Tom O. Williams 426 Delano IL Deceased 12/31/2007
Williams Walter R. Williams 412 Byford IL Deceased 11/2/2020
Winograd Helene M. [Winograd] Spiwak 452 Delano IL Deceased 9/7/2005
Wire William J. Wire 424 Spencer IL Active
Wittersheim Gloria J. [Wittersheim] Delaroy 403 CO Deceased 5/9/1997
Wolkober Victor R. Wolkober 421 Nash IN Active
Wolnik Richard S. Wolnik 455 Morse IL Active
Woods Robert J. Woods 412 IL Deceased 7/8/2003
Wool Fern J. [Wool] Sloan 452 Sumner FL Active
Wright Edward A. Wright 408 IL Deceased 7/28/2004
Yablon Alfred B. Yablon 404 Mason FL Deceased 2019
Yablon Susan [Yablon] Klein 404 Mason IL Active
Yale Carol [Yale] Silver Kaplan 404 Emmet AZ Deceased 7/2/2014
Yelich Ray A. Yelich 413 Ryerson IL Active
Young Melvin A. Young 462 Hay IL Addr Unknown
Young Samuel R. Young 420 Young SC Active
Youngerman Sandra B. [Youngerman] Feiler 412 May IL Active
Zaferopoulos Zafer Zaferopoulos 418 Not Located
Zaiken Phyllis [Zaiken] Klapman 461 Emmet IL Active
Zakon Danny J. Zakon 426 Delano IL Active
Zalutsky Marlene T. [Zalutsky] Golembo 426 IL Active
Zanon Joseph R. Zanon 455 Chopin IL Active
Zarlenga Robert W. Zarlenga 423 Nash IL Deceased 11/13/2018
Zelden Stuart F. Zelden 403 Penn CA Active
Zeller Arlene R. [Zeller] Rutstein 460 Emmet FL Active
Zenner Jerry B. Zenner 426 Emmet IL Addr Unknown
Zilka Sally A. [Zilka] Daul 403 Nash MI Active
Zimmermann Janet H. Zimmermann 408 Young IL Active
Zomparelli Anthony L. Zomparelli 410 Blessed Sacrament IL Active



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