Class of 1955 - Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for sending the October Alumni newsletter.  I enjoy reading of former student activities and their exciting lives.   

It was a delight to read of the Pasquerellis and Roskos trip to Alaska.  Marie and I are planning a similar trip to Alaska this coming summer.  If it is not too strenuous, we would like to take the same side-trips they had taken.  We are excited about our plans.

 I received a telephone call from Frank Giordano.  As you may know, he lives in California.  In his call, he credits me with getting him started in a successful career in show business.  I do not believe he is correct.  I believe his success can be attributed to his great talent.  It was nice to hear of his appreciation of his time with me at Austin, however.

 I am active.  Last week I did a workshop for elementary school teachers.  My portion dealt with demonstrating how music may support and reinforce the traditional language reading program.  I thought I did well.

 I appreciate you keeping me in touch with the Austin High grads.  I hope I get as lucky as Rudy Macciocchi in bumping into you.  I don’t get downtown as often as Rudy.  I thank you for keeping in touch with Marie and me.

 Ken Iversen